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Meet The Innovators

Dora is the first cooperative neo-bank with a no minimum fee checking account, access to 30,000 ATMs, and much more.  Dora was founded by USAlliance Financial in august 2021 to serve the 50 million americans currently not participating in mainstream banking.  Our mission is to reduce racial and economic disparity and provide access to fair financial services to everyone.

Kinly is a financial services company helping Black America build generational wealth. Kinly is an inclusive financial technology company that proudly serves the unique needs of Black America and its allies. Use the Kinly app and Kinly Visa® Debit Card to get paid up to 2 days early¹ with direct deposit, overdraft protection² up to $100, and  no hidden fees.

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Don't miss out: supercharge your investments with Algopear's game-changing technology. Link your broker, tell us your goals, and our tech quickly finds and makes profitable trades for you. Nobody wants to wait until 65 to retire.  Our AI investing algorithms use smart math to sift through lots of stock info quickly, helping you make better choices on what to buy or sell. It spots good deals that you might miss.

Finch Money is a productive all-in-one account with the powers of investing & flexibility of checking, giving you a better way to grow your money.   It is a leading edge platform in the finance and investment sector. Finch Money is designed to help millions of Americans unlock the benefits of investing, develop healthy financial habits, and take steps towards financial freedom.


MyFRSH is a neobank serving the more than 80 million Americans with a criminal record.  We offer FREE bank accounts with debit cards to EVERYONE. No matter what you did in your past.  STOP paying those crazy fees and wasting your time in line at a check cashing or payday loan shop.  Plus, we offer employment services and other support in the largest marketplace for the "2nd chance" you and your family deserve. You deserve a FRSH Start.

Find Black and LatinX professionals at CHIP..Changing How Individudals Prosper.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between consumers of financial products and financial professionals of color while ensuring increased visibility of Black, Hispanic & Latinx professionals to help close the racial wealth gap in America. We intend to ensure people feel seen and heard regarding their money.

At Invstr, we stand for individual empowerment, diversity and collaboration. Our mission is to empower everyone to learn to invest smarter and build a better future.  Teach your kids investing, money management, and smart spending with Invstr Jr, our new investing & money account for parents and kids.

Learn & Earn App is an innovative offering from Junior Achievement, designed for high school students to learn about financial literacy, investing, work and career readiness, and entrepreneurship.  Learn & Earn toffer bite-sized courses. Take courses and earn rewards that can be invested into the stock market through ETFs and fractional shares. 

Stackwell's mission create real, meaningful, generational change by providing the Black community with the financial investment tools and guidance necessary to help build lasting wealth, equity, and equal opportunity - because change is long overdue.

Zirtue was created with the goal to revolutionize the way we lend; making it more simple, secure, and fair. Today, Zirtue has helped thousands of people lend and borrow with those they trust by giving them more control over their money and an easy way to do it.


Wellthi offers a game-changing Virtual Advisor Technology app tailored for lowering branch costs, driving low-cost deposits, and maximizing billion dollar opportunities with under 45 consumers.

Wellthi’s patent-pending tech is designed to drive engagement and growth, as the ultimate virtual branch letting you embed the power of social and community influence in your mobile experience.

Built with your brand, voice and vision, financial institutions and organizations can use Wellthi to service large groups of customers at scale for a fraction of the cost.

Build wealth and self-worth, regardless of where you start.

Money is One of Life's Biggest Stressors

Financial stress can leave you feeling incapable and invaluable. At BrightUp, we believe you are capable of more and offer help solving financial problems and building financial plans that set you up for success.

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